education-02We are incredibly excited and fortunate to be continuing our work with students, teachers, parents and administrators from the Newport Mesa Unified School District. Our Mission Music program integrates the Social Studies, Visual and Performing Arts, and English Language Arts disciplines through the study and performance of music from the California Missions.

Music played a central role in the daily life of Alta California, from its inception in 1769 and the founding of San Diego under the guidance of Junıpero Serra, through the secularization of the missions and beginning of the “American” period in the mid-nineteenth century. It permeated most sacred and social gatherings; the singing of the Mass and songs of praise was an obligatory part of mission life, and social functions revolved around festive music making.

Throughout the school year students work with the de Angelis singers to examine, study and perform music from Alta California.

Education Documents

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California Mission Music Project Overview
Link to the Common Core State Standard