About de Angelis Vocal Ensemble

History and Mission

The concept for an ensemble like de Angelis formed during conversations with Dr. Gordon Paine, now Professor of Music Emeritus at California State University, Fullerton, while I was completing graduate studies in choral conducting there in the early 1990’s. We enjoyed many rich conversations regarding vocal production and what could be accomplished artistically and stylistically with an ensemble that could sing with an early music, non-vibrato style. This was an exciting time for choral music, during which, many professional ensembles were forming world-wide that performed with absolute blend and vocal clarity. The idea of sympathetic overtones, or angel’s voices that occurred with this type of tuning was something I wished to achieve.

The de Angelis Vocal Ensemble began to take shape when a conversation with Marcy Lindstrom, a mentor and dear friend, occurred during a late summer lunch. Marcy launched right in first with the challenge – “You should create a professional ensemble,” followed immediately with her caveat – “I have done it before!” de Angelis was born at that serendipitous lunch date.

We created the de Angelis Vocal Ensemble in 2005 with the vision to enrich and broaden the southern California arts community. Many volunteer ensembles were thriving at this time but very few professional chamber ensembles existed.

Matthew Gray, Artistic Director

Matthew Gray, Artistic Director

In addition to our small size and primary performance of a cappella [unaccompanied] repertoire, our projects attempt to program music that is unique to the smaller, a cappella ensemble, and provides the community with a more eclectic and cutting edge presentation of choral music. Our organization is known for our innovative arts programming which engages the diverse cultural expression of the Southern California community.

In addition to championing lesser known works of the past, de Angelis has an unwavering commitment to today’s composers. De Angelis is an advocate for the choral arts in the community, corporate, and educational arenas, and is committed to increased public awareness, participation and investment in the choral arts in Orange County.
If you have not had the opportunity to attend one of our programs, you are missing out on a rare Orange County cultural event where you will experience beauty through choral sound.

The unique combination of the extraordinary setting at the Basilica at the historic Mission San Juan Capistrano, and this thrilling and captivating ensemble is not to be missed. Come experience one of Orange County’s best kept secrets!


Pursue and perform the very highest quality choral music that illuminates, educates and entertains the people of California and beyond.


Provide our community with the rich cultural wealth choral music offers.

Our Singers


Stephanie Aston
Colleen Graves
Katya Gruzglina
Katelyn Isaacson
Elizabeth Ladizinsky
Lauren McCaul
Lauren Buckley Schaer

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Lindsay Patterson Abdou
Sarah Gonzalez
Agy Norris
Sarah Reynolds
Natalie Van der Roest
Audrey Weichman

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Ryan Brown
Gerald W. Craft
Eli Gunnell
Dermot Kiernen
John St. Marie
AJ Teshin

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Bob De Carlo
Joel Nesvadba
Jae Park
Paul Sobosky
Michael Turnblom

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Board of Directors

Frank Dohn (e-mail)
Matthew Gray
Shane Huiberts
Toni Redman
Dr. John Romeri (e-mail)
Joe Truxaw (e-mail)
Patricia Wise

Music from the Tower Podcast featuring Matthew Gray

Enjoy a visit with Matthew Gray, one of Southern California’s busiest music directors. Hear especially about his professional choral group, the de Angelis Vocal Ensemble, as they begin their 13th Season of creating beauty through choral music. Hear from Matthew about how he founded the organization, his own interesting musical history, and what led him to create one of the finest musical groups in Southern California. Learn about the amazing concerts coming this season, including a birthday celebration for composer Herbert Howells, their annual Christmas Concert, a festive concert celebrating St. Cecilia with the music of Handel and a partnership with the instrumental group Kontrapunktus, and finally, Sacré France, featuring the spectacular choral music of French composers. All concerts, except for Sacré France, are held in the historic Mission Basilica in San Juan Capistrano. Sacré France is part of the ensemble’s annual partnership with Christ Cathedral Concerts.

Please note that it may take a few moments for the podcast to load